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To all of you out there trying to lose weight and get healthy, just know that you are worth the hard work, although you may get frustrated and give into eating unhealthy foods here and there, what you do to correct the action afterwards is what counts and you will get that fit, slim and healthy body you always wanted.

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Loss weight, get healthy & fit



start making a healthy lifestyle choose today (coachceecee)

10 excuses we make when we are not motivated to exercise or get healthy

1)   I am only 25 pounds overweight, that’s not a lot

2)   I will start exercising tomorrow

3)   I am to old .??

4)   I don’t have the time

5)   I don’t like to sweat

6)   I don’t like pain

7)    I am big boned

8)   I am too fat

9)   I am thin and healthy already

10)               The Gym  fee is too high

I am pretty sure you can think of more. But if you just start exercising 10 minutes a day you will start to love it as I now due and you might even want to do more. I use to make lots of excuses too, but I don’t anymore. Join me in losing those unwanted extra pounds in the upcoming year (so lets loss weight, get healthy & fit).

Stay healthy 

Please before you start any diet or exercise talk to your Doctor